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Chris Killip

Chris Killip was born in 1946 in Douglas, Isle of Man. Following a period working as a photographer???s assistant in London, he moved back to the Isle of Man, photographing it extensively. Killip is well known for his gritty black and white images of people and places suffering from Thatcherism. During the early 1970s he became the founder, exhibition curator, and advisor at the Side Gallery, Newcastle, and worked as its director from 1977-79. In 1988, he photographed in northeast England to produce the body of work published in book form as In Flagrante. These black and white images, mostly made on 4??5 film, are now recognised as among the most important visual records of living in 1980s Britain. Killip is the recipient of numerous awards, including the second Henri Cartier-Bresson Award (for In Flagrante). He has exhibited all over the world, written extensively, appeared on radio and television, and has been active in curating many memorable shows. He currently works at Harvard University in

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