Michel de Broin

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Montreal artist born in 1970


Reparations, video still, 2004

Used plastic bottles found by chance on the street are recuperated and transformed into rockets


12 tons of asphalt, yellow paint, road sign, 40 m long, 2001

The design of this bicycle path is a rupture in the rationality of urban landscaping


Black Whole Conference, 72 chairs, 2006


Fuite, pump, pipe, electrical plug, grate inlets, 2009


Keep on Smoking, bicycle, pedal power generator, smoke device, 2006


Revolution, steel, 7.5 x 5 x 6.5 m, 2010


Lost Object, suction system, latex form, movement detector, 2002


The Arch, ultra-high performance concrete, stainless steel, 2.80 x 4.72 x 1.27 m, 2009


Silent Screaming, alarm, bell jar, vacuum pump and water, 2006

Device designed to silence an alarm system by creating a vacuum, which is an environment where sound cannot travel. The movement of the hammer striking the jar is visible but the alarm is inaudible


Out of the White, 1996


Late Program, metal, thermal glass, wood, 175 x 79 x 74 cm, 2009


La Maîtresse de la Tour Eiffel, mirror ball, 1000 mirrors, 7.5 m in diameter, 2009

The largest mirror ball ever made was suspended from a construction crane 50 meters above the ground to render the starry sky to the Parisians during one night in the Jardin du Luxembourg during the Nuit Blanche event


Encircling, asphalt, yellow paint, road sign, 14.80 x 21.90 m, 2006


Hole, wandering trailer, wood, plaster and plastic, 2002

A hole has been made at the back of a trailer where one could crawl inside


Hole (detail)


Superficial, mirror, glue, cement, 2004

A large stone was enveloped with fragments of mirror


Revolutions, aluminium, 5 x 8.5 m, 2003


Shared Propulsion Car, car body, pedals and gears, 2005

All superfluous devices were removed from an 86′ Buick Regal – the engine, suspension, transmission and electrical system – thereby reducing the weight of the vehicle whilst preserving its appearance. It was then equipped with 4 independent pedal and gear mechanisms that make it possible for passengers to form the self-propulsion group. The top speed was around 15km/h


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