Jacob Holdt

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Jacob Holdt hitchhiked 118 000 miles and stayed in over 400 homes in 48 states. When he arrived in the US, he had only $40. He confessed having sold his blood plasma twice a week to earn the money he needed for film.
He took 15 000 pictures with a pocket size $30 Canon Dial. Photography as art was not his point.
During his journey across the USA, he experienced violence on different occasions:
– four times he was attacked by robbers with pistols
– two times he managed to avoid cuts from men with knives
– two times frightened police drew guns on him
– one time he was surrounded by 10-15 blacks in a dark alley and almost killed
– one time he was ambushed by the Ku Klux Klan
– several times he had bullets flying around him in shoutouts
– two times he was arrested by the FBI and four times by the Secret Service
– he lived with three murderers and countless criminals…