Marcos Lopez

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Born in Santa Fe, Argentina in 1958.

Currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he’s working as a photographer and director of independent videos. He’s involved in painting and photojournalism as well as art and photographic direction for television commercials.

Around the end of the seventies he studied engineering for several years and began self-taught to learn photography.

In 1982 he moved to Buenos Aires, where he continued his training. The city is still a strong source of inspiration these days.

Lopez became highly involved in various group activities with other photographs and artists from other media.

In 1993 he won the Prize of the Andy Goldstein Foundation and a grant to complete his portraits in black and white. On this occasion, a book was released : Fotografias (La Azotea, 1993).

His black and white pictures are mostly portraits. People are standing at their work place or at home, they are all looking at the viewer. Style was close to the documentary with classic composition,  dark backgrounds and directional light on the character. At this time he used Rollei cameras with two lenses and long shot poses.

But then Lopez stepped over from black and white to color photography : I thought that in that way I could combat my melancholic side and take life easier.

In the mid nineties comes a cycle of photographs taken in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Cuba. Colors are bright, even garish and some of the characters appear as icons.


Antenna, 1996, Courtesy of Marcos Lopez

It was labelled Pop Latino because the pictures seem close to advertisings such as billboards and television images.

Pop Latino images are often considered as kitsch. It is about capturing the ordinary in daily life by taking a picture. As regards the choice of the subject, Lopez declares : It’s hard to say why someone takes on certain subjects. It’s like asking myself why I like to make pictures of the maids in the hotels I’m staying at. At the beginning I was interested in the Fatherland. Taking this series as a subjective chronicle of the end of this Menemistic century (taken from Menem, the president of Argentina from 1989 to 1999). I also wanted to emphasize the fact that I’m an artist who looks from the South and from the underdeveloped world.

Martyr, 2002, Courtesy of Marcos Lopez

In the mid nineties when asked about his method, Lopez answers: I don’t use Photoshop nor Macintosh or anything like that. I’m interested in doing real collages and touching up manually the white of the eye and to work all over the copies with paints. In my shots I use two or three assistants with banners on the back of the characters and producing smoke with machines.

Roast in Mendiolaza, 2001, Courtesy of Marcos Lopez