Mary Ellen Mark

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American photographer born in 1940

Terry Richardson, New York, 2001


Dustin Hoffman with Jessica Lange, New York, 1982

Billy Barty with John Schlesinger, Los Angeles, 1974

Al Gore, Washington DC, 1993

Alan Arkin with Elliott Gould, Grossingers, 1970

Cyd Charisse, Los Angeles, 1998

Danny DeVito with Rhea Perlman, Salem, 1974

Francis Ford Coppola, Philippines, 1976

Martin Amis, Massachusetts, 1991

Jane Alexander with Harris Yulin, Brooklyn, 2005

Elaine De Kooning holding her cat, Long Island, 1983

John Belushi, Chicago, 1979

Hume Cronyn with Jessica Tandy, Sarasota, 1980

Donald Sutherland, Los Angeles, 1974

Richard Serra, Brooklyn, 2004

Tom Waits, Tulsa, 1982

Woody Allen, New York, 1979

Cate Blanchett with Brad Pitt, Morocco, 2005

Elizabeth Berkley with Paul Verhoeven, Los Angeles, 1995

Jeff Bridges with Cybill Shepherd, Culver City, 1999

Patrick Swayze, Lakeview, 1995

NAS, New York, 1998

Norman Mailer with his dog Hubert, Massachusetts, 1991

Brooke Shields, Israel, 1983

Annette Funicello, California, 1975

Jim Carrey, Hollywood, 2001

Matthew Barney, New York, 2003

Gay Talese with Nan Talese, New York, 2009

Candice Bergen with Louis Malle, France, 1980

Henry Fonda with Katharine Hepburn, New Hampshire, 1980

Etta James with her dog Strappy, Riverside, 1997

Melanie Griffith with Don Johnson, Sanibel Island, 1973

Marlon Brando, Philippines, 1976

Jodie Foster, Los Angeles, 1994

Michael Bloomberg, New York, 2004

Mike Nichols with Meryl Streep, Texas, 1983

Bob Fosse, New York, 1979

Milos Forman, Connecticut, 1978

Miranda Richardson on horse, London, 1999

Louise Bourgeois, New York, 2007

Lou Reed with Laurie Anderson and their dog, New York, 2001

Gayfryd Steinberg, New York, 1990

Peter Beard, Montauk, 2003

Paul Bowles, Morocco, 1983

Rupert Everett, Malibu, 1999

Sean Penn, New York, 1983

Martin Bell, Seattle, 1991

Jack Nicholson with Candice Bergen and Art Garfunkel, Vancouver, 1970

Alfred Eisenstaedt, New York, 1994

Sylvester Stallone, Los Angeles, 1991

Tim Burton, Trona, 2001

Kelsey Grammer, Los Angeles, 1997

Maya Angelou, New York, 1986

Dustin Hoffman with Sir Laurence Olivier, New York, 1975

Ralph Gibson, New York, 1973

Georgette Mosbacher, New York, 1990

Anselm Adams, Carmel, 1982

Marc Shaiman, New York, 2002

Milos Forman with Treat Williams, New York, 1978

Jean-Claude Van Damme, New York, 1994